Living our values.

Taking care of the place where we are all living. Portuguese Flannel is also based on these principles.

It's not just about us

Sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture. And since the beggining, we always had this vision of a faire brand cherring more the quality than the quantity. We care to establish an even more environmental management and production for the future of Portuguese Flannel. So many alternatives are already existing.


 Plastic Free

During all the packaging process, zero plastic is used. We send your orders through boxes made of recyclable card. By doing that we are achieving two goals: sending you an elegant distinctive package; and contributing to the cut down of plastic waste.


 Organic and Recyclable Fabrics

Our interest to use organic fabrics sounds natural to us. We use organic fabrics like, cotton, linen, wool and recyclable biodegradable fibers like lyocell, for our clothes. By making this choice, adding to the obvious comfort, we also help to reduce the amounts of toxic chemicals and excessive water supply that is associated with the textile mass production.


Made in Portugal 

We are working with ethical people in who we trust and are proud of. Our fabrics are designed by us and produced in certified textile portuguese companies. Much more than the backdrop for creating a brand, we aim to elevate portuguese knowledge to a place  where it was forgotten - a place of value and authenticity. 

Organic Buttons

Even in the details we play it fair with, Corozo, Urea or Mother of Pearl buttons. By using these eco-friendly materials we participate in reducing the impact of plastic waste in the environment. And it's a win-win situation for all because our products acquired a natural, beautiful and old fashioned look.